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Fox and the Deep Sea Quest | Children’s Book on Adventures

Fox and the Deep Sea Quest | Children’s Book on Adventures

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Enchanted by the tales of an incredible luminous seaweed, Fox embarks on an expedition to the depths of the deep blue sea. With the help of his cousin Wolf, the equipment needed for his daring dive are mapped and planned; a task which shines a light on the importance of friendship to solve problems and challenges.
With flippers on, an oxygen cylinder filled, and an underwater camera in hand, Fox takes the plunge. His mission to find the mysterious submerged plant takes many twists and turns; encountering giant algae, a city of coral, and a whale trapped in a fishing net, with a final discovery that promotes the message: Together we are stronger.
Fox and the Deep Sea Quest is a book full of surprises, find the mica anemone, hold it into a bright source of light, and it will glow in the dark!
Author: Benjamin Flouw
Reading Age: 5 Years And Older
Details: Hardcover |52 pages | 24.0 x 24.0 cm
About the Author: Benjamin Flouw is an artist based in Marseille. His influences run from mid-century illustrators to 90’s low-poly video games. He has worked with film animation, advertising, and publishing with clients such as Hewlett Packard, Cartoon Network, Martha Stewart Living and Bayard Presse.

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