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Let's Tell a Story: Fairy Tale Adventure | Interactive Children's Book

Let's Tell a Story: Fairy Tale Adventure | Interactive Children's Book

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A choose-your-own-story book for readers aged 5 years and older. Look at each page and choose things to add to the story. Packed full of colourful characters from the stories that children know and love, this fun book will put kids in charge of their very own fairy tale-themed adventure.
Imagine if you could have an adventure in a fairy tale world.
What if you could have MILLIONS of them?
With this story-building book, you can tell your own fairy tale-inspired adventures, over and over again. Just read the question and choose from the vibrant pictures on the page to create a new story.
The book is packed full of fun, silly and exciting things for the reader to choose from, including: Dressing up in a pair of glass slippers, Heading off to see the Three Little Pigs, Packing a pot of fairy dust for the trip, Journeying alongside a talking toadstool, Saying ‘Hello’ to Goldilocks, Tasting some punch made from troll snot!
Once you’ve finished, you can turn back to the start and make different choices to build a completely new tale. There are countless of possible combinations and endless stories to be told! And can you find the cheeky penguin hidden on each page?
►Authors: Lily Murray, Wesley Robins
►Reading Age: 5 Years and Older
►Details: Paperback | 32 pages | 25.0 x 27.5 cm
About the Authors: Lily Murray writes both fiction and non-fiction books for children. Her titles include big books about dinosaurs and stories about escapee hot dogs.
Wesley Robins is an illustrator and designer, based in London. He is the winner of the Macmillan Prize for Children's Book Illustration.

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