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Fair Squared

FAIR SQUARED Classic Period Cups | Made from Natural Latex | Reusable & Easy to Clean | Fairtrade | Vegan | Available in 2 Sizes | Made in Germany

FAIR SQUARED Classic Period Cups | Made from Natural Latex | Reusable & Easy to Clean | Fairtrade | Vegan | Available in 2 Sizes | Made in Germany

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FAIR SQUARED Period-Cup is a soft menstrual cup, made from FAIRTRADE natural latex. It does not absorb the menstrual fluid but collects it. The FAIR SQUARED Period Cup can be used throughout the menstrual cycle, no matter whether the menstrual flow is light or heavy. It gives you longer protection because the cup can retain more than three times the amount of menstrual fluid than a regular tampon. The FAIR SQUARED Period Cup is reusable, can easily be cleaned with water and once you know how to correctly insert it, you won‘t feel it. Unlike menstrual cups made from silicone or plastic the FAIR SQUARED Period-Cup is an environmentally friendly sanitary hygiene product

FAIR SQUARED Period-Cup is made from certified FAIRTRADE natural latex. FAIR SQUARED is a member of the Fair Rubber Association, which means that a FAIRTRADE premium is paid to improve the living and working conditions of the plantation workers and their families


Size M is recommended for women under the age of 30 or who have not given birth (Capacity: 12 ml, Height: 6.65 cm & Diameter: 4.1 cm)

Size L is recommended for women over the age of 30 or who have given birth (Capacity: 13 ml, Height: 6.95 cm & Diameter: 4.4 cm)

FAIR SQUARED Period-Cups are available in pink as well: FAIR SQUARED Period-Cup Pink


FAIR SQUARED is an alternative trade organisation, which aims to reduce inequality in world trade. Fair Squared have been part of the Fair Trade movement for many years. The Oxfam campaign ‘Make Poverty History’ in 2005 inspired the foundation of FAIR SQUARED. Five years later the first FAIR SQUARED products were sold via OXFAM and Amnesty International.

FAIR SQUARED’s production rests on two pillars: high quality products and a transparent production process. FAIR SQUARED means that a Fair Trade premium is paid on all ingredients source in countries of the ‘developing world’ so that producers, plantation workers and small scale farmers & their families can improve their living and working conditions. It is paramount for FAIR SQUARED to cooperate fairly with everyone involved in the production of the products – humane working conditions, environmental and economic sustainability, and no child labour.

All FAIR SQUARED cosmetic products or their ingredients are not tested on animals and fully comply with EU regulations.

FAIR SQUARED do not use additives like parabens or mineral oils in the manufacture of their products. FAIR SQUARED use reduced packaging wherever possible, with products being entirely made from recycled, recyclable or compostable resources and ensure that their sources are sustainable for individuals and their surroundings. Since 2017 all FAIR SQUARED products are climate neutral produced.

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