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Natural Textile Wax Crayons | Child-Safe & Eco-Friendly | 15 Colours

Natural Textile Wax Crayons | Child-Safe & Eco-Friendly | 15 Colours

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SUSTAINABLE, LOW ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT & NON-TOXIC - All okoNORM textile wax crayons are handmade in Germany from natural & sustainable resources, absolutely non-toxic and free from any petrochemical waxes, fillers or bases. A slight white haze on the wax crayons ('wax bloom') indicates quality and a high proportion of pure beeswax.

15 VIBRANT COLOURS - Be creative with this amazing range of fifteen gorgeous colours.

EASY-USE - Paper sleeve make the textile wax crayons easy to hold and use. Each crayon is 10mm in diameter & 55mm long. The crayons are break resistant and economical in use.

HOW TO USE –  First, wash and dry the textile. Put some paper or cardboard under the textile (e.g. between t-shirt front and back). Soft, ribbed textiles (e.g. t-shirts) may need a little stretch beforehand. Draw on a firm surface. The colour must be applied quite richly, so that the wax can completely penetrate the fabric. When finished, cover the drawing with absorbent paper and iron from the back of the textile without steam until no more colour adheres to the paper. Then, gently iron your drawing from the front without paper. Wait at least 2 days before washing, which you can do at up to 40°C with a mild detergent & without bleach.

FEEL GREAT - Gluten-free, Peanut-free, Soy-free, Lactose-free, Plastic-free, Animal-cruelty-free.

GOOD TO KNOW – Recommended for children 3 years and older.

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From the first days, okoNORM has been loyal to its fundamental principle in the development of ecologically-friendly products, which have the lowest possible environment impact during production, use and disposal.

Before establishment of okoNORM, the company founders Ellen Schahn and Albert Krohn were actively engaged in environmental protection, citizens' initiatives and social politics.

The history of okoNORM started in 1989 in Frankfurt (Germany), when Ellen and Albert founded the company and developed their legendary “nawaro finger paint”. Right from the very beginning, the company developed its successful philosophy, which remains unchanged ever since: To produce high-quality, environmentally friendly and non-toxic products that are made from sustainable resources.

All okoNORM products meet the highest environmental and quality requirements.

okoNORM relocated in 1997 to the peaceful and ecologically clean village of Dedeleben in Saxony-Anhalt, in former East-Germany, and is based in a former sugar factory. Today okoNORM is still a small, independent, but innovative producer committed to people as much as to the environment.


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