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SONETT Mistelform Myrtle & Orange Flower Body Lotion | Organic | Vegan | 145ml

SONETT Mistelform Myrtle & Orange Flower Body Lotion | Organic | Vegan | 145ml

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SONETT Mistelform Myrtle & Orange Flower Body Lotion contains precious, activated mistletoe extract in combination with a lovely blend of olive oil and myrtle and orange flower essential oils. Myrtle and orange flower essential oils give this light body lotion an invigorating and refreshing scent. Your skin will easily absorb the body lotion and get an amazing velvety feel

SONETT Mistelform Myrtle & Orange Flower Body Lotion has an unparalleled combination of rhythmicised mistletoe extract, precious olive oil and myrtle and orange flower essential oils, which results in a wonderfully light, easily absorbed body lotion. Mistletoe has been regarded a medicinal plant for centuries. Hippocrates, Hildegard of Bingen, Paracelsus and Sebastian Kneipp were convinced of its effectiveness. The basis of anthroposophical mistletoe preparations was developed by Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy. The SONETT Mistelform Body Lotions were developed in cooperation with the anthroposophical Delos Research Centre based near Berlin (Germany) and are inspired by its philosophy

GOOD TO KNOW –The SONETT Mistelform Body Lotions are from 100% bio-dynamic or organic farming, sustainable & vegan and have been produced in accordance with the Natural-Cosmetics-Standard (NCS), Certified Sustainable Economics (CSE) standard, both certified by EcoControl (Germany), and the Vegan Society UK

SONETT Mistelform Myrtle & Orange Flower Body & Massage Oil wonderfully complement the SONETT Mistelform Myrtle & Orange Flower Body Lotion

The SONETT Story

Found in 1977 and convinced that only those entrepreneurs are fit for future, who can reverse the rampant destruction of nature and turn this aim into new, anthroposophical inspired impulses for the development of quality products and an ethical and sustainable production process. SONETT understands sustainability going far beyond than just its ecological aspect. SONETT considers itself a pioneer not only regarding the development and production of its products, but also in the way it conducts business. SONETT’s cooperative management is based on partnership principles and has been transferred to the Non-Profit Foundation Sonett several years ago.

All SONETT Mistelform products, or their ingredients are not tested on animals and fully comply with EU regulations.

All SONETT product are produced with organically grown raw materials and are GMO free. SONETT does not use additives like parabens, silicones, phtalates or mineral oils in the manufacturing process of their products. SONETT products do not contain any microplastics. SONETT uses reduced packaging wherever possible, with packaging being entirely made from recycled, recyclable or compostable resources and ensuring that these sources are sustainable for individuals and their surroundings. All SONETT products are climate neutral produced.

INGREDIENTS (INCIS): Aqua, olea europaea fruit oil*, viscum album leaf extract*, viscum album kernel extract*, alcohol denat.*, lecithin*, caesalpina spinosa seed gum*, parfum*: myrtus communis oil* (contains limonene*, linalool*), citrus aurantium ssp amara flower oil* (contains limonene*)|*certifiedorganicallygrown/ wild growing plants

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