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When We Went Wild | Children's Book on Farm Life
When We Went Wild | Children's Book on Farm Life
When We Went Wild | Children's Book on Farm Life
When We Went Wild | Children's Book on Farm Life

When We Went Wild | Children's Book on Farm Life

Ivy Kids
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When We Went Wild tells the story of Nancy and Jake, two farmers who decide to rewild their farm.
From the bestselling author and rewilding pioneer Isabella Tree, ‘When We Went Wild’ is a heart-warming, sustainably printed picture book about the benefits of letting nature take the lead, inspired by real-life rewilding projects.
Nancy and Jake are farmers. They raise their cows and pigs, and grow their crops. They use a lot of big machines to help them, and spray a lot of chemicals to get rid of the weeds and the pests. That's what all good farmers do, isn't it? And yet, there is no wildlife living on their farm. The animals look sad. Even the trees look sad! One day, Nancy has an idea... what if they stopped using all the machines, and all the chemicals, and instead they went wild?
The author’s own experience of rewilding her estate at Knepp has influenced conservation techniques around the world that are bringing nature back to the countryside and bringing threatened species back from the brink.
Authors: Isabella Tree, Allira Tee
Reading Age: 4 – 7 Years
Details: Paperback | 32 pages
About the Authors: Isabella Tree is an award-winning nature and travel author, and conservation pioneer. Her bestselling adult book 'Wilding - the return of nature to a British farm' (200,000 copies sold) tells the story of Knepp, the ground-breaking rewilding project in West Sussex that she started with her husband, the environmentalist Charlie Burrell.
Allira Tee is an illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. Her illustrations are created by hand using ink or graphite and finished with coloured markers, pencils, watercolour or digital techniques.
About Ivy Kids: Ivy Kids brings you beautiful, sustainably printed books to rewild your child. They are hopeful, joyful stories and nonfiction about nature and the environment that are charmingly illustrated and printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper in the UK, and using renewable energy.