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Look and Say What You See on the Farm | Children’s Book on Farm Life

Look and Say What You See on the Farm | Children’s Book on Farm Life

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There’s so much to recognise in this beautiful interactive look-and-say farm book for inquisitive little ones.
What can you see in the pig sty? Can you find the rake in the toolshed? From clucking hens in the henhouse to apples and pears in the orchard and lots of farm scenes in-between, this look-and-say book for little ones is a great way to start learning about nature and wildlife. With a ‘Can you see?’ strip across every spread and objects to name, this book is designed to stimulate speech and build vocabulary. The spot-and-find aspect is perfect for the youngest of readers to become absorbed in the nature details.
Author: Sebastien Braun
Reading Age: 2 Years And Older
Details: Paperback | 32 pages | 29.1 x 23.1 cm
About the Author: Sebastien Braun was born in Strasbourg, the hometown of Gustav Dore and Tomi Ungerer (his heroes). As a child he spent countless hours drawing, but at secondary school there were no art classes, so he filled his homework with doodles and portraits of his teachers. At university he initially studied history – fortunately, the building was shared with the art department, and when he saw the students sketching, knew he had to change. After that, he spent a few years teaching applied art to sixth formers, before taking the plunge as a freelance illustrator. His first commissions were for magazines in Paris, and when he moved to London, he developed his portfolio for children’s books. Apart from creating pictures, Seb’s favourite pastimes are making toys from wood, playing with his children and climbing the Cotswold hills on his vintage road bike.

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