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The Book of Blast Off! - 15 Real-Life Space Missions | Children's Book on Space & Aeronautics

The Book of Blast Off! - 15 Real-Life Space Missions | Children's Book on Space & Aeronautics

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This read aloud romp through space introduces budding astronauts to the 15 most iconic missions of all time.
We look out of our window at the dark and twinkling sky.
It's full of stars and planets and there's comets whooshing by.
We want to go and see them, there's so much to explore.
So let's count down and blast off - then we can find out more!
Journey through space with 15 of the most iconic missions of all time, including the moon landing, Voyager 1's journey into interstellar space and Perseverance's exploration of Mars.
Authors: Timothy Knapman, Nik Henderson
Reading Age: 4 to 8 Years
Details: Hardcover | 40 pages | 28.6 x 24.8 cm
About the Authors: Timothy Knapman is the author of over 70 books for children, including the bestselling Dinosaurs in the Supermarket and its sequels; Superhero Mum, Dad and Gran; Dinosaurs Don’t Have Bedtimes; Sometimes I Am Furious; Mungo and the Picture Book Pirates; Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bogey and Captain Sparklebeard. He has co-written the musicals Imaginary; Growl: The True Story of the Big Bad Wolf; Danni Hero; Before After and Midnight.
Nik Henderson is an illustrator and visual development artist, and has worked with several clients such as Pixar, Abrams, Redstar 3D, and Harper Collins. He grew up in Missouri, and studied illustration at the Savannah College of Art & Design. Besides illustrating, he enjoys collecting/researching aviation history, writing, and building scale models.

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