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TOBE Natural Wooden Sloth | Movable Arms & Legs

TOBE Natural Wooden Sloth | Movable Arms & Legs

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The adorable TOBE Wooden Sloth is made from solid, unpainted wood. This beautifully crafted sloth has movable arms, legs and little pegs at the end of each limb so that it can hook on to furniture, books, window-sills… Children love to make it move, sit and get inspired for some imaginative play. This beautifully crafted toy is sure to be a favourite in your home!
The gorgeous wooden sloth can double as decor and is truly a heirloom item.
Age: 18 Months And Older
Product Size: 12 x 15 x 7 cm
TOBE Design Studio
TOBE Design’s wooden toys are created by the award-winning designers Anna and Wojciech Bajor and manufactured by wooden toy maker Bajo. Bajo is a leading producer of high-quality wooden toys for more than 25 years. The wooden toys are carefully hand-crafted by skilled toymakers from sustainable solid wood, sourced from local forests, and painted with eco, non-toxic paints and oils.
TOBE Design’s natural wooden toys are a great choice for wooden toy lovers of any age and will inspire imaginative play and learning.

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