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Mendelson Balancing Game | 15 Wooden Stacking Figures

Mendelson Balancing Game | 15 Wooden Stacking Figures

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Bajo’s Mendelson Balancing & Stacking Toy is a set of 15 wooden figures that make a versatile balancing game. Children and adults will both enjoy playing with these solid wooden figures in many ways: stack them up to make a wonderful towers, upright or upside down; make endless beautiful patterns or use them as part of imaginative play in combination with other toys. Playing with these wooden figures will help to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and problem solving.
Age: 3 Years And Older
Product Size: Figures measure approx. 7 x 8 cm
The Bajo Story
Bajo is a leading producer of high-quality wooden toys for more than 25 years. Established in 1993, all toys are designed and manufactured in Poland. The wooden toys carefully hand-crafted by skilled toymakers from sustainable solid wood, sourced from local forests, and painted with eco, non-toxic paints and oils.
Bajo toys are a great choice for open-ended play and will inspire imaginative play and learning.

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